The Music of “The Mother”, Mira Alfassa (1878) – Founder of Auroville

I thought i’d give you something totally different today and introduce you to the music (and art) of Mira Alfassa. She played and painted and was known to her followers as “The Mother”. She was the partner of Sri Aurobindo and settled, from France in India in 1914. She was born in Paris in 1878.

They founded a commune, which still exists today called “Auroville“. It has a population of around 2350. Their stated belief system was

Auroville should be at the service of Truth, beyond all social, political and religious conviction. Auroville is the effort towards peace, in sincerity and Truth

I came upon a piece of music that she played which is a round 20 minutes long. It is haunting! It’s one of those pieces that if you just listen to a for a few moments, you will surely totally miss the point. You want to focus 100%, turn off the lights and just listen completely.

She would play whilst meditating and also painted occult impressionist style art, which you can see in the video above.

If you want to listen to the piece and are ready for it, click HERE

Daughter of the President of the United States

By the way, if you think this is a joke then listen to this! The President of the United States’s daughter, Margaret Woodrow Wilson, travelled to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India in 1940 (approx). She chose to live there for the rest of her life and became a Hindu nun. She was given the new name ‘Nistha’ and chose to die in India, right there. She would write letters back saying how happy she was. Not something they tend to teach in history lessons or encourage too much, I guess! She wrote in a letter to her friend Lois,in 1939: “Since seeing Sri Aurobindo and the Mother together, I have been surer than ever that their way is my way – that my soul brought me here where it belongs”.

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By Anthony King (c)

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