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The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin – Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster, London – PODCAST

Today we visit Victoria Tower Gardens next to The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, to take a look at a bronze sculpture by the French artist August Rodin.

The Burghers of Calais, Rodin, London

The piece is called “The Burghers of Calais” and it has been placed within the shadow of Victoria Tower, which creates a very powerful juxtaposition indeed.

In today’s audio broadcast from Westminster we take an in depth look into the history of the sculpture, the location and the story which inspired Rodin to create this powerful work.

Make yourself a nice cup of tea and press play on the video above! The video includes a slideshow of various photographs taken by myself at the location as well as a great photograph of Victoria Gardens being constructed in the 1870s.

French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840–1917)

Victoria Tower Gardens, London 1870s

Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor born in Paris on November 12, 1840. His realistic bronze, plaster and stone creations had a big impact on 20th century sculpture, modern art in general and his influence is still seen around the world through his famous pieces to this day.

Rodin died in 1917 and left his work to the French government. You can read more about him on Wikipedia HERE and his official museum in Paris HERE.

Rodin is most famous for “The Thinker,” “The Kiss” and “The Gates of Hell”. In fact some of these individual works are inspired directly from his previous work “The Gates of Hell”. We will investigate this later in depth whilst looking at each individual piece, on location. The 3 works that I have mentioned (especially “The Thinker”) are probably some of the most famous recognisable sculptures ever.

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