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The immortal Erik Satie at 150, celebrating the eccentric genius

This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of French eccentric and musicians birth. Erik Satie is a one of a kind. I say “is” because within the small community of people that love Satie, his spirit and attitude will never die. He will live on through his music. He was a character indeed. In fact his music is the theme music to this blog and podcast!

I recently visited his Montmartre home at Rue Cortot Nº 6, which you can see in the photograph I took, below. In fact I did the whole podcast treatment to somebody I have so much admiration and respect but you will have to wait for that in a soon to come post!

Erik Satie House

Erik Satie is most famous for his solo piano works the “Gymnopédies” and “Gnossiennes”. You can take a listen to the “Gymnopédies” below:

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